Downtown Fort Wayne: Promenade Park VLOG Tour

For the longest time leaders in our city wondered how they could make our city better by incorporating some assets that we already have. We have three rivers running through Fort Wayne, so they came up with Promenade Park around ten years ago. They really knocked it out of the park. My sons and I … Continued

What To Look For In Your New Neighborhood When Buying A House In Fort Wayne, Indiana

If you’re thinking about moving to Fort Wayne, chances are you already have a pretty good understanding of what you’re looking for in your next home. Things like the number of beds, baths, if you want an attached garage, or nice yard space. All of these things are super important, but I think these things are only half of the equation. The community, or the neighborhood that the house is located in, is just as important, if not more important than the house itself. So I’m going to talk about some of the nuances of neighborhoods in Fort Wayne, so that you can get a comprehensive idea of what to look for in your next home.

Should You Sell Or Rent Out Your House?

Have you ever considered renting your house out for passive income? Now is a wonderful time to sell your property, but it’s also an excellent time to rent it out to tenants. I frequently receive the same three main questions about this topic: How much can I rent out my house for? What if rent doesn’t get paid? Who will maintain the property?