Homeowners: Avoid These 5 Critical Plumbing Mistakes!

Homeowners: Avoid These 5 Critical Plumbing Mistakes!

Why homeowners should avoid these five common plumbing mistakes.

Today, we’re discussing the top five plumbing mistakes homeowners should avoid. With over five years of plumbing experience, I’ve witnessed these common issues that homeowners face:

  1. Grease down the drain. Many assume that whatever goes down the drain disappears into oblivion. However, pouring grease and fat down your drains can lead to clogs and plumbing nightmares.
  1. Toilet no-nos. Flushing only toilet paper and human waste is crucial. Even items marketed as flushable can harm your plumbing, especially with older systems or prone-to-roots sewers.
  1. Excessive drain cleaner. Strong drain cleaners may promise quick fixes, but they can be harsh on your pipes, especially if they’re made of steel. Avoid overusing these chemicals.
  1. Proper tightening. When securing drain connections, find the sweet spot between over-tightening and under-tightening. You often don’t need a wrench; hand-tight is sufficient.
  1. Neglecting regular checks. Infrequent plumbing inspections can lead to hidden leaks and gradual damage. Regularly inspect your stop valves, connections, and drains for signs of trouble.

While these issues can often be handled by homeowners, remember to call a plumber for major concerns. If you have specific topics you’d like us to cover or need recommendations for a reliable plumber, don’t hesitate to call or email us. We’re here to help!

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