How To Recognize an Inflection Point

How To Recognize an Inflection Point

What an inflection point is and what it means for you in today’s market.

Everyone has been asking us where the market is heading, so today we’re sharing some of the changes we have seen as the market shifts away from the frenzy of last year.

Over the last two years, we saw a massive amount of demand and not enough homes for sale to meet it. Today these two factors look very different, and the market is undergoing a shift.

Buyer activity has been down, while housing inventory is up. This is a big change from last year, and it happened quickly. The number of active listings has increased more than 26% compared to last year. At the same time, buyer demand (calculated largely by the number of showings) decreased by almost 17%. This is what we call an inflection point.

The bottom line is that you need an expert on your side, now more than ever. We can help you understand what is going on in the housing market today and what that means for your plans. Reach out to Anthony REALTORS today by phone or email.

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