Buyers: Is It Wise To Buy a Home Today?

Buyers: Is It Wise To Buy a Home Today?

Here’s why homeownership is still a good way to build wealth.

With the recent alarming news about real estate, should you still buy a home today? The headlines may be focused on the cooling market conditions in recent months and the interest rates, but they don’t paint the full picture of why homeownership is still very much worth it. While short-term changes matter a lot, homeowners always win in the long run—and I can prove it. 

Home values typically rise with time, and we’ve certainly seen that over the past few years in a big way, but here’s what I really want to focus on: Home prices have risen by 290% on average over the past 30 years in this country. That’s almost a 300% growth. This matters because if you’re thinking about buying a home today, this shows that homeownership wins over time. As home values grow and as you pay down your mortgage, you could be sitting on a significant amount of home equity. In fact, most Americans have their wealth in their real estate. 

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