Don’t Let Inflation Scare You

Don’t Let Inflation Scare You

Don’t let news about inflation hold you back from homeownership.

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As you’ve seen, the price of everything is going up right now, including home prices. One way to hedge against inflation is homeownership because much of your housing cost is fixed. When you purchase a home, your monthly payment and interest rates won’t change, though your taxes and insurance can. A home is one place you can park your money and know that you won’t be losing any value since today’s home prices are accelerating faster than the overall inflation.

You can buy a property today to hedge against inflation tomorrow.

If you’re a renter, you should strongly consider purchasing a home. Many people tell me that they’re just waiting for the market to cool down before they do, but the truth is that things probably aren’t going to cool down any time soon. By waiting, say, a year to buy a house, the same house you’re looking at now could be worth 10% to 15% more by then.

Now is the time to make the transition into homeownership. Interest rates are still incredibly low, and you can buy a property today to hedge against inflation tomorrow.

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