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We provide our agents with business, technology and systems so they can grow their business inside of our team in a specialized role. We want to invest in savvy, high-energy people who care about our community and who want to be a part of something bigger than themselves.


We believe that focus, training and accountability separate high producers from average agents. Things are constantly changing in real estate and it is challenging to keep up with the latest trends and marketing tools all by yourself. Our office meetings focus on technology, systems and skills training. In addition, we believe that accountability is essential no matter your level of experience. Vision boards and established goals, weekly one-on-one meetings and daily numbers tracking are tools we use to help us stay accountable.


We’re on a mission to build the best team possible and we know that outstanding people like to be surrounded by other outstanding people. We work together to create an open, friendly working environment so that our agents and staff can enhance and further their careers. We’re fun, friendly, down-to-earth, productive, committed, drama-free, techie, energetic and focused on service and results.


We offer a compensation plan that is structured to provide the best growth potential for our agents. And because we are an independent brokerage, there are no franchise fees.


David Brough got his start in real estate as an investor during the “Great Recession” in 2008. In January of 2012, he opened Anthony REALTORS out of his home. As business expanded, the company moved to its next location in May of 2015. In February of 2018 we moved into our current home at the Baker Street Station in downtown Fort Wayne, IN.

David is passionate about continued education and improvement. He is involved in a coaching program lead by industry leaders. As our managing broker, David is committed to staying ahead of the curve by testing new technologies, watching webinars and master-minding with other top professionals locally and across the country. David believes that the consumer deserves a better real estate agent – one who combines innovation, improved communication and a higher standard of service into a specialized professional role.


Our agents are valued like family and we want each agent to succeed in his or her own way. After all, our company is only as successful as the people that comprise it. Our goal is to grow with a few more agents, but stay with a size of 12 or less. Why so small? We’re small so we can stay focused on our clients and the development of each person on our team. We’d rather have a small team of agents that are “crushing it” than a larger team of agents that are just doing “ok”. We are not a big box brokerage and we are not okay with being average.

If you are a real estate professional or are considering a career in real estate, have a sharp mind and a go-getter attitude, get started here.

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Our office is located in historic Baker Street Station. The space offers personal work stations, collaboration and private meeting rooms plus free on-site parking in Fort Wayne’s growing and vibrant downtown.  


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