Why Fort Wayne Is the No. 7 emerging market

Why Fort Wayne Is the No. 7 Growing Market

Fort Wayne is ranked among the top 10 emerging housing markets in the U.S.

Fort Wayne is now ranked as a Top 10 Emerging Housing Market across the country, and today I’ll explain why that is.

The winter edition of The Wall Street Journal and Realtor.com index of emerging markets just ranked Fort Wayne, Indiana, as No. 7 on the list. The index rates cities based on population growth, affordability, desirability, traffic, and the number of hits they get on Realtor.com. They put all this data together to create their top 10 list.

Here are a few glaring reasons why Fort Wayne managed to rank No. 7:

  • Affordability. If you Googled “affordable places to live,” Fort Wayne will typically appear on the first search page. That’s important for people who are now relocating because working from home means they have more options to choose from in terms of houses.

  • Employment. Fort Wayne is also attracting a lot of new jobs to the area. Allen County has seen some record-breaking numbers for job growth in just the past year. There has also been some heavy investment downtown with an Electric Works project that’s scheduled to have its first tenants moved in by the fall of this year.

  • Community. People look at Fort Wayne as more than just an affordable place to live, but one that encompasses all their needs. There’s plenty to do here, no matter your interests.

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