Best Areas To Live In Fort Wayne Indiana [46805 VLOG TOUR]

Best Areas To Live In Fort Wayne Indiana [46805 VLOG TOUR]
David Brough:
Hey guys! Are you looking for a place to live that’s in a really established neighborhood? A place with beautiful old homes, large trees, parks, awesome people, and loads of things to do? Then check out this video! I’m going to do a tour of 46805, or the “oh five” as they call it. It’s located just outside of downtown, and it’s a fantastic place to live. In fact, my first home was in this neighborhood and it means a lot to m. So I’m really excited to give you this tour.

I talk all about what it’s like to live, eat, sleep, play, work in the Fort Wayne area. I am a real estate agent, so my job is to help people move into Fort Wayne. If you have any questions, please comment below, call or text me, and I’ll be happy to answer whatever questions you have.

This neighborhood is diverse in the style of homes and in the people who live in them. In the 46805 area, you’ll find houses that were built in the turn of the century; they’re big and beautiful! Over the years they’ve turned them into multi-unit apartments, so some of these guys have been chopped up to four or five units. 

One thing I like most about the 46805 area is that it’s so close to downtown. In the warmer months you can walk downtown and experience a lot of cool things. You can also get to other places in the city quickly due to it being centrally located.

I love the old homes in this area. A lot of these houses were built during the early 1900’s. The first house I ever bought (when I was like 25) was a big old duplex. I was in way over my head, but it was a house that was originally built by the newspaper editor, at least that’s the story! So, a lot of these houses were single family homes that got chopped up over the years to become multi-unit rentals.

Columbia Street is a local historic district, which means that you need approval if you’re going to do any changes on the exterior of the home. That’s different than a national historic district, which is a designation. The idea behind this Columbia Avenue vote was to allow these neighborhoods to be slowly restored back into single family homes. West Central adopted this idea around a decade ago, when they changed it to a local historic district as well. We’ve seen the values in West Central go up, and the values in this little pocket of 46805 go up as well.

Forest Park Boulevard is one of my all time favorite streets in Fort Wayne, and it’s an area in 46805 that is filled with beautiful old homes on really deep lots. If you want to live in a big historic home in Fort Wayne, this is the street you want to live on. Home prices on Forest Park Boulevard range from $330,000 to around $800,000. A lot of these are brick homes that range from around 3,000-6,000 square feet. This is actually a great street for running, and I believe it’s right at a mile loop! I used to run when I lived in the area, so I can tell you there’s always people out walking around. The public high school for this area would be North Side High School. If you wanted to go to a private school, the closest ones are Concordia Lutheran High School, or Dwenger, which is a Catholic high school.

46805 is very diverse! There’s lots of rentals and owner-occupied homes in this area.

Fort Wayne has one of the hottest real estate markets in the country right now

Lakeside Park area is one of the hottest neighborhoods in Fort Wayne. Houses sell very quickly here, and it’s always full of people who are enjoying the beauty of the park! The home prices range from $60,000 to around $245,000.

East State Village has some dining and light shopping.

Kensington Boulevard, one of my favorite streets in the 46805 area, has houses that range between $175,000 and $275,000.

Northside Park has been around for a long time. They have a public park with a splash pad, and a big public pool for the summer. They have some indoor space that you can rent, basketball courts, soccer fields, a playground, and more! We’re in an area right now where you can pick up a house for $100,000, in a good area. You’re going to be just a few blocks away from East State Village, and surrounded by some great parks. This is why it’s so attractive for people to move to this area, because you can get a nice home in a safe location. Affordability is so low in Fort Wayne because of the interest rates.

Something to keep in mind when you’re looking at old houses, or if you’re thinking of buying one:

I’ve lived in old houses, and just from experience, they require maintenance. A lot of these homes have things like wood siding that need painting every five years or so, or basements with walls caving that need fixing. The biggest issues we find in inspection reports on old homes all across the country, are problems with roofs, windows, siding, and a lot of exterior stuff; they start wearing out over time. You definitely want to make sure you are aware of those things when you’re going to be purchasing a home.

This is one of the best areas in Fort Wayne, for so many reasons. Some of the biggest reasons are just getting a bang for your buck, the amount of hours you can get for the money, and the lifestyle that comes with it. You really can’t find neighborhoods that are better than that in Fort Wayne.

Reach out to me if you have any thoughts about moving to Fort Wayne or if you need more specific information. I try to be an open book, and I would love to help you!

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